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My name is Damon Mitchell and I work as a Clinical Psychologist in Carlton, Melbourne. My practice is Core Life Psychology. If you are ready to change in some way then I am here to help you with that process. My approach involves creating an environment that is safe and free from judgement where people can work through difficult experiences to bring about change. Therapy might be short or long term and typically involves us working together to unlock and process emotional experience in order to facilitate symptom relief and promote resilience, insight, growth, and joy.  

My approach draws from psycho-dynamic methods, cognitive behavioural therapy, attachment theory, mindfulness, neuropsychology, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Feel free to have a look through my website and call me when you are ready on 0451 491 395.


Manage Anxiety and Panic
March 2018

Anxiety is a common reaction that we can all experience under times of stress and pressure. For example, we might experience elevated levels of anxiety and arousal before an examination, if we have to give a speech, or if there is increased pressure in our work environment.  Normal anxiety and fear are defensive emotions that serve an adaptive purpose necessary for coping and survival. 

Beat the BLUEs
April 2018

Symptoms of depression can include reduced mood, loss of pleasure and enjoyment, feelings of hopelessness/helplessness, lethargy and fatigue, poor sleep and appetite, and withdrawal from our usual activities. Symptoms can also include heightened feelings of guilt, low motivation and drive, and low self-worth and confidence.

July 2018

Relationships can be a major source of comfort, satisfaction, and relief when they are running smoothly and when we feel connected, heard, and validated. However, often we can struggle with relational experiences for a number of different reasons. These relationships might be with friends, colleagues in a workplace, family, our partner, and even the relationship with our self.


Transform Deeper Struggles

Therapy is a collaborative process aimed at creating change and transformation in a person’s life. Depending on both early and ongoing life experiences we often develop an array of mechanisms to deal with the world. Both positive and negative experiences, traumas, and relational ruptures influence the psychological states that we come to inhabit and the set of coping mechanisms and defences we use to survive and/or thrive.


Learn Strategies to Regulate Emotion

Often stress and our emotions can overwhelm us. We might struggle with anger, feelings of helplessness, guilt, shame, or other complex and intense emotions and feeling states. Often these feelings are a combination of emotion and our attempts and struggles to manage them. Fortunately, we can learn new ways to regulate emotion. 


Explore Your Inner World

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